Getting to Occupy San Quentin


We have been informed that the road block-off will begin at 10am on Monday. The buses and carpools will have to drop off passengers at Francisco Boulevard East and Grange Avenue, see this map.

It is about 3/4 mile from that point to the prison. If you park farther away, the shuttle can only bring you that close.

Therefore if you are unable to walk to the gate you must get dropped off before 10am. We can help arrange for transportation for you that will bring you there before 10am. We are sorry for any hardship this may cause, but it is outside of our control. Please email to make  special arrangements.


Sign up for a ride or to volunteer for carpool. We strongly encourage you to go to a meet-up for a ride or to carpool. Signing up helps us get an idea of how many people are coming. NOTE: We have buses and carpools leaving from Oakland, and carpools from SF. We need more carpools in SF – Please help spread the word!

Oakland: meet-up at Oscar Grant Plaza/ 14th and Broadway – 10am

San Francisco: meet-up is at 1540 Market @ Van Ness – 10am

Directions and parking information PLEASE READ, especially if you are going to the prison without going to a meet-up first. There will be NO PARKING on the road leading up to the prison or in the prison parking lot. You will need to park 1-2 miles away and either walk or wait for the shuttle to bring you closer to the prison. This shuttle, however, will only bring you within 3/4 mile walking distance to the gate. If you need a ride all way up to the gate, you will need to get there before 10am when the road is closed. Please share that information in the rides sign-up or by emailing

Public transportation options – Please consider the available public transportation, including bus routes from SF, Marin and Richmond.


One thought on “Getting to Occupy San Quentin

  1. greg says:

    I am concerned that the occupy4prisoners action planned for Monday has not fully taken into account the repercussions of this action. I stand in solidarity w the occupy movement. i believe in an entire revamping of the current systems of oppression that dominate our world including the economic system, & criminal justice system. However, the action has resulted in the prison placing all inmates on lockdown for the day and any outside programs have been cancelled.

    I believe that the answer to the injustices of our current prison and criminal justice systems are new economic structures and a different level of consciousness that values the humanity of all people. I also believe that an important step toward these types of changes is Restorative Justice. Currently, San Quentin offers a Restorative Justice group to inmates. I am concerned the the action on the 20th will jeopardize this program in the long run(as well a other programs at the prison such as the prison university project)

    I meet w the Restorative Justice group at San Quentin almost every week. Some of the inmates in the group have expressed disappointment because they were not consulted in any fashion about this protest and for having to be placed on lockdown for the day of the protest. Aren’t we hurting the very prisoners who already have their freedoms taken from them? Are we not protesting against the system and not these men?

    During the port shutdowns (which i participated in) there was concern that some truck drivers would lose valuable wages due to the shutdown. In my view this could’ve have been addressed by having raised money to compensate any drivers who may have lost wages on those days. However, there is not an equivalent manner in which we can compensate prisoners who will be on lockdown. What can be done about this?

    I would love to discuss these issues further, please contact me about these matters.

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