Truth Mob Video, How-to and Script

The TRUTH MOB is a creative action that combines speaking truth about mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex, while doing outreach for the Feb. 20 National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners. The fundamental principle is from the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike Solidarity Committee: amplifying the voices of imprisoned people.

A group of people converges on a public place and one by one, speak truth about what’s going on with the US prison system: facts and then writings by current and former imprisoned people, including political prisoners. The speaking is 5-10min, then the Feb 20 event is announced and flyering occurs about the prison industrial complex.

Script here.


One thought on “Truth Mob Video, How-to and Script

  1. Joy says:

    I went to visit my husband today at San Quentin. He and several other inmates asked me to contact Occupy Oakland and ask them to help the inmates. They would prefer it if you didn’t occupy at the East Gate for a variety of reasons. The prison will be on total lock down all day. Yes, folks, they actually think it’s a security risk for the men to be allowed out of their cells while the Occupiers are marching. The guys will have to be fed in their cells. The food is horrendous already, but when they bring the food to the cells, it’s ice cold, instead of lukewarm, and they pile the trays on top of each other, smashing the food down so it’s even less recognizable. In addition, the cops get “hazard pay” during the lock down and overtime because it takes more of their time to feed the men in their cells. So, you see, you are actually harming the inmates with this protest and lining the pockets of the guards. They asked me to say that they would appreciate it if you would publicly announce that you are going to protest somewhere away from the prison. If not, the guards will lock them down anyway, they’ll still end up with no programming and even more horrendous food and conditions than usual. This isn’t helping them, it’s hurting them. I would also suggest that where the gate of the prison is, no one will even see you. It’;s a little tiny two lane street and you can’t be seen there from the bridge, or anywhere else. Please, consider the inmates and come up with another way to protest for this very good cause.


    Joy (Occupy Stockton)

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