Artwork created for February 20th by Kevin Rashid Johnson, in prison in Virgina (PDF)

Baltimore Flyer (PDF)

Baltimore Flyer (JPG)

Chicago Poster (JPG)

Chicago Press Release (PDF)

Eureka Poster (JPG)

Fresno Flyer (PDF)

New York Flyer (PDF)

San Quentin Poster (JPG)

San Quentin Handbill/black and white/2-up (PDF) 


6 thoughts on “Materials

  1. Amory Knut says:

    I see that you posted the time of your meeting but not the location. I want to know where the meetings are so I can be more involved.
    Thank you

  2. Brit says:

    Is there a blanket press release that could be posted? Thanks!

  3. […] Prisoners *End Repression of Activists *Development of People Not Prisons Check out fliers: Read about actions around the nation: […]

  4. […] For city-level Flyers, go here […]

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